Two thirds of French don’t wish for a return for Léonarda

Le Monde reports today that two thirds of French people don’t approve of a return of Léonarda Dibrani and her family to France. Only 14% of people on the right think that the deportation should be cancelled, in contrary to 55% of people on the left.

Only 46% of French said they were shocked by the way that Léonarda was deported, therefore less then one person out of two.

Despite his controversial statements over the Roms, Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, is largely supported. 45% of French ‘approve’ of his position in the affair, even left-wing sympathizers.

I wonder how the young people who are demonstrating in the streets of Paris are represented in this survey. One of the known problems of opinion surveys is that they aren’t able to accurately portray the country’s opinion in the time given to them to carry out the survey. This is because large sections of the population aren’t reachable or accessible to them. Children who are in school, or demonstrating on the streets, for example. I wonder if BVA included them in their survey…?

These facts were taken from a BVA survey with Le Parisien and Aujourd’hui, published on the 19th of October 2013.


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